I was chatting with an old pal today on the interwebs and realized that over the last 2 years my quest for fitness wisdom finally sunk in. Here is what I explained to him. I just wanted to share with you.

Diet is 75% of any health and fitness program. Surprisingly running 4 miles a day 5 days a week will actually raise the need for glucose which means craving foods that are starchy and sugar laden. You also do not lose weight from doing crunches and sit ups all day. Fitness strengthens the heart, and muscles and provided your frame with support so you wont become weak and ill. Think the skinny indie rocker that can eat anything, stay thin, never workout and be proud of it. Typically, when they are in their 40s and things like bone density, cholesterol and high blood pressure become issues.

I usually come off as a preacher to my peers, but honestly I’m not. Don’t read into my sarchasm or rants on health. I am a regular guy who was once a really overweight (read: obese guy) who now gives a shit about his 40s. I have 2 more years to get my ass in shape so I can enjoy my son, my wife and any future children I may have in a healthy active lifestyle.


My new resting heart rate.

The message I want to keep leaving with my friends (read: loved ones) both interwebs and outerwebs is this:

“If this fat ass 38 year old can lose 40 some pounds and keep it off over 2 years; then I have no problems doing it too.”

Hit me up with any questions. I’m always here for you.

— Daniel Merk

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 03:14pm 24th-Sep, 2010