So call me a chef that uses Paleolithic ingredients with the occasional nightshade. Call me what you wish, but I’m here to help you make the switch to eating right for your health.

Today’s recipe is roasted cauliflower. It’s simple and loads of flavor.

1 head if cauliflower, pulled apart into florets

1tbsp cumin ground
1tsp k salt and pepper
1/8c x v olive oil

Combine together in a bowl and roast on an open pan at 450degF for 25 minutes. Let cool and serve at room temperature with a drizzle of tahini dressing.

Tahini dressing:
1tbsp tahini
1 lemon juiced
Pinch salt/pepper
1 clove garlic mashed
1/4c water or less
1tsp x v olive oil

Combine and let stand an hour. Drizzle on salads or above recipe.

— Daniel Merk

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 05:30am 30th-Oct, 2010