Duplication and the laws of failure

Earth is a great place to live on; not six-feet under. 6-Week Challenge The last two months have been a real whirlwind. The ever changing life of our son Emil; trying to get work done from home in a constructive regimen; and keeping on task with our fitness program. The name of this website is…

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My Primal Fitness for September

TheĀ  Primal 30Day Challenge is on! Here is a fitness program I am adhering to for the month. Hope this inspires someone to do the same. For each week one must complete the following movements each day in any order based upon my energy levels and availability of resources. Day 01: Sprint Routine (intervals, running…

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What does Primal look like?

Many of my friends ask me “What’s this Primal Diet thingy you are on?” Well I am not on a fad, nor am I following any real celebrity diet, I am eating real food. We’ve been tricked into thinking that this FDA food pyramid loaded with non-nutritive by-products. Going Primal is skipping this “Fad FDA…

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Liver, it’s what’s for dinner!

A quick one here folks. I just wanted to show off a great meal we had this evening. Liver and onions. Pretty simple recipe: Soak about 1 lb of calves liver sliced in 1 cup of whole cream along with Rosemary, garlic and some pepper. Rest for a few hours. Melt a healthy sized chunk…

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