On the road, paleo style

Hey there! I travel a bit for my career to our main office and I wanted to show you that even business travel can be an opportunity to stay the course for your health. I shot a quick video to show you that by packing some foods you can still follow your path to health….

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Day 01 – WOD and Nutrition

Dan’s Nutrition B: 3 Eggs, 1tbsp butter (pastured), 2-8oz cups coffee + 2TBSP coconut milk, 1oz gravlox L: Shakeology + 1scoop whey, 2oz almond milk S: 2oz beef jerky D: 1/2 sweet potato baked, 1chicken leg stewed in white wine, 1/2c roasted cauliflower + cumin Addit’l: 4g fish oil, 6K IU D WOD: 3 sets…

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