Day 01 – WOD and Nutrition

Dan’s Nutrition B: 3 Eggs, 1tbsp butter (pastured), 2-8oz cups coffee + 2TBSP coconut milk, 1oz gravlox L: Shakeology + 1scoop whey, 2oz almond milk S: 2oz beef jerky D: 1/2 sweet potato baked, 1chicken leg stewed in white wine, 1/2c roasted cauliflower + cumin Addit’l: 4g fish oil, 6K IU D WOD: 3 sets…

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Primal fitness vs. The Machine

I think every fitness website needs this in their databases at some point. Functional before fashion. There is without question, the 1980s had it together. Go Rocky, or GROK ON for short.

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Diet and zen of fitness.

I was chatting with an old pal today on the interwebs and realized that over the last 2 years my quest for fitness wisdom finally sunk in. Here is what I explained to him. I just wanted to share with you. Diet is 75% of any health and fitness program. Surprisingly running 4 miles a…

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How to get off meds

With out sounding smug, I wanted to post a simple recipe that I developed for myself to get off 10 years of taking medication for high blood pressure. Let me also note that I was on a third medication because it caused me to have acid reflux of the esophagus. Happily to report, that today…

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Just get it out of your head.

When I talk to people about their fitness, often the most used excuse is “I don’t have access to a gym.” We’ll folks, neither do I. Actually I lost over 45lbs and kept it of without the use of 1 piece of “gym” or membership. You see we all have access to an amazing fitness…

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