Why we are obese.

I hate to say it, but a low carb/low fat lifestyle is not why 1 and 3 kids are obese, or diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. How many kids or even parents are following a carb free lifestyle? I bet extremely few; especially kids. We have become this way because our FDA Food Pyramid tells…

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What do you eat?

I’ve been asked by some of the friends and family I coach “What do you eat to keep yourself full and not ‘bonk’ during exercise?” “Why of course, FAT!” I tell them. “But fat is not healthy, and it will clog your arteries and kill you!” Simply. Not. True. Today is a typical day in…

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100% Pure and Natural?

We’re all exposed to this– the words “ALL NATURAL” is the country’s largest joke and you are the punchline. I hate to say it, but it’s true. It’s marketing fodder. Words used to make your mouth water and say “Honey, I’ve lowered my cholesterol because I am eating 100% Pure and Natural foods.” Well, let’s…

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So what is kombucha?

The title says it all. What is this stuff? Well my first impression when I heard about this beverage was “Really? Cures cancer, restores youth, corrects acne…” The list goes on. Modern Day Snake Oil came to mind immediately. Then I had to process this for a bit to really understand what was this beverage…

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