Duplication and the laws of failure

Earth is a great place to live on; not six-feet under. 6-Week Challenge The last two months have been a real whirlwind. The ever changing life of our son Emil; trying to get work done from home in a constructive regimen; and keeping on task with our fitness program. The name of this website is…

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Diet and zen of fitness.

I was chatting with an old pal today on the interwebs and realized that over the last 2 years my quest for fitness wisdom finally sunk in. Here is what I explained to him. I just wanted to share with you. Diet is 75% of any health and fitness program. Surprisingly running 4 miles a…

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The sun came out here in Ohio, and when that happens we seem to eat more light fare. What better way to celebrate the sun than to eat a protein packed meal like ceviché. Since there are not many varities of local fish I’d eat (thanks to the high mercury in Lake Erie), I head…

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What does Primal look like?

Many of my friends ask me “What’s this Primal Diet thingy you are on?” Well I am not on a fad, nor am I following any real celebrity diet, I am eating real food. We’ve been tricked into thinking that this FDA food pyramid loaded with non-nutritive by-products. Going Primal is skipping this “Fad FDA…

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Size matters.

When I get asked about nutritional advice, I think of the one tool in my possession that seems to be the most valuable piece of material I own– the measuring cup. There is no question that the best way to become successful in any nutritional path is to follow a leader. Sure, many people will…

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