The sun came out here in Ohio, and when that happens we seem to eat more light fare. What better way to celebrate the sun than to eat a protein packed meal like ceviché.

Since there are not many varities of local fish I’d eat (thanks to the high mercury in Lake Erie), I head for the next best thing– wild caught seafood from the Atlantic.

My recipe here is really simple. A few limes, some red onions, a grapefruit, a red pepper, cilantro, garlic, chilli pepper, and about 1.5 lbs of seafood. Today it was ocean perch and scallops.

Juice the citrus, chop the peppers, mince the onions and garlic. Chop the seafood and cilantro. Combine. Crack some black pepper and coarse salt. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Eat.

It can’t be more simple than that. Once I made a version using walleye cheeks. Incredible!

— Daniel Merk

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 06:07pm 16th-May, 2010