I hate to say it, but a low carb/low fat lifestyle is not why 1 and 3 kids are obese, or diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. How many kids or even parents are following a carb free lifestyle? I bet extremely few; especially kids.

We have become this way because our FDA Food Pyramid tells food manufacturers to load up a diet with 6-9 servings of “whole grains.” Sure you can make an argument that kids don’t eat whole grains, but stop by a Post/General Mills website and you’ll see that all kids cereals (and adult cereals) are fortified with grains which the body metabolizes the same as sugar. Ask anyone who wants to lose weight and the first thing they say is “I’m eating low fat ______ and eating healthy whole grains.”

That is why we are obese. I realized today one thing about the way most of us think:

When we are not dieting, we are eating carbohydrates, sugar and unhealthy fat (canola, peanut, omega-6 and the like). When we are dieting, we are eating low-healthy fats, and high carbohydrates.

In order for us to really get this resolved, we need to re-think the message here. Fat is not making us fat; it’s sugar. Jack Lelane said it in the 1950′s and we were just about ready to get it right. Then Dr. Keys came along and messed things up. Watch the link below, but do me a favor; when you push play, turn away from the computer screen. Do not view this, rather listen to it. Then re-watch this. You’ll be amazed that this was said over 60 years ago.

— Daniel Merk

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 12:17am 18th-Mar, 2010