Since this site is about hard work, I thought I would brief you on either my progress or my training. Ever since my son was born, my wife and I have been struggling to get good sleep, well planned meals, and some exercise. This has been a struggle. Not impossible, but a conflict of timing. I hope this post provides some insight on how a family should work together to make sure we are all on task eating nutritive foods, moving about and getting good quality sleep.

Ever since Emil was 2 months old, he’s been very colicky. His sleep patterns are, well miserable. He goes to bed at 7pm, wakes at midnight and is ravenous for a meal. Since my wife breastfeeds, this has been great for me, but certainly not fair by any stretch. We tried pumping, but that is a real commitment and she just doesn’t like the dairy cow factor to the experience. We’ve since supplemented with a few feedings per day with formula and that seems to be working well for him. At first he seemed to react poorly when Monique had dairy in her diet, and then we were dealt with acid reflux with him so dairy had to be out of the equation. He still wakes arond 11pm-1am. Feeds, then sleeps until 3-4am ish. I’ve been helping out with the feedings, but he just seems to be so hungry we just don’t know what to do. Anyway, it’s just been tough on both of us with Monique heading back to work.

We’ve decided to take another shot at 100% nutrition, and fitness along with getting Emil involved. We really strive to be an active family because my upbringing I was not. Besides, I want Emil to have a 40 year old dad who is shredded. (I just wrote on my white board, “10% BF by 40″) It’s gonna happen.

I’ve been reading lots from various sources and trying to pull in consistent data and I’ve come up with a methodology I seem to like. Primal/paleo obviously. You can read more about these methods linked below.

My day goes something like this:

The Daily Plan
630am: Wake
800am: Drive to Daycare; 8oz black coffee
830am-12pm: Work, lots of water
11:45am: 10g BCAA whey + 5g creatine in water
12pm-12:30pm: *Training
12:30pm-12:45pm: Post workout, meal #1= 60% total calories (mostly protein, slow carbs no more than 20g) water
12:45pm-6pm: Work with Meal #2=10% total calories (protein only), water
8-9pm: Meal #3: 30% calories (mostly protein, slow carbs) either glass red wine, or vodka if evening allows for it. This is last meal of the day. Fasted state until 12pm next day.

Day 01
Training: Everything Day 5x(5 clean/press/squat@60#; 10 burpees; 10 pullups)

Day 02
Training: Arms: 3x (5 @ of curls bar70#; 30# DB full sup; 25# DB tri-xtensions; chin ups)

Day 03
Rest or yoga

Day 04
Training: Kettlebell protocol: 3x (10@ 2 h swings, TKU, )

Day 05
Training: Outdoor activity 1hr

Day 06
Training: Cardio/sprinting/speed rope

Day 07
Training: Outdoor activity 1hr

Now I know what you are saying; “Where is breakfast?” Well, that is what I am trying to tweak here. I’ve been eating the same breakfast every day for almost 2 years and the human body loves adaptation. I seem to hit a pretty big weight loss plateau and my lifestyle is to blame. I’ve gone way low carb (less than 50g) for the last 3 days and plan at least a week of this. I am working out during a 15 hour fast which really helps with metabolism. You can read about that here

I’m also chowing a ton of meat and slow carb veggies such as greens, cauliflower and other non-sweet type veggies. I need the fiber, but cutting the carbs to get into ketosis. Well, full blown ketosis is under 20g and I may get that today, but I’m pretty sure the tb of honey I had in green tea on Tuesday was keeping my blood glucose where it needed to be.

The last 2 days have been great. No signs of GERD, completely not taking any meds for that anymore, and I’ve experienced zero (nada) bloat before, during or after mealtime. I have also not really been counting my calories either. My concern here is keeping the carbs at bay for a while to reset insulin levels and metabolic rate. I seemed to be stuck and this fasting may be the trick. You can read more about it here from another perspective.

I’m also knee deep in Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution. It’s a great read and an awesome resource if you want to get really nerdy with nutrition and fitness. You can get the book here for your Kindle or your hands.

As I promised, here are a few sites I frequent in case you need to verify if what I am doing actually means anything or if you just want to argue with me that I have no idea what I am talking about. Either way, read.

Leangains is Mark Berkhan
Free the Animal is Richard Nikoley
Mark’s Daily Apple is Mark Sisson
Robb Wolf

— Daniel Merk

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 07:09pm 11th-Feb, 2011