Welcome. Seems appropriate I kick this website off with a bang. I’ve spent some time working on providing a website that offers some perspectives on motivation for a healthier human existance. The problem is here that there are dozens of lifestyle perspectives out there and we all travel to the poles to find the most important one. Well I have to say that I too walk that path with you. I’ve lived a life of being a vegetarian for about ten years, then a vegan for about two years, and then recently following a hunter-gatherer or “Primal” style of life. What works? Well it really depends on your goals here.

Mine? My goals are pretty simple; not feel like a lazy worthless piece of life-form addicted to a pharmacy, or non-nutritive foods and have as much energy for proper cell growth and a stress free life. Well the first part will be pretty easy, but I think we are all challenged with stress so let’s see what we can do about that.

Making choices in life is pretty easy. Where I find difficulty is where is the wisdom? I mean, really, who has the answers to life’s questions– especially the [questions] about what to eat and why?

Where I think the problem lies is when you take a look at where we’ve evolved as a civilization you may find some the of the roots to many problems in life. We’ve become a society that wants answers immediately as the question was raised; we require to have as many conveniences as nobility right from the point where we decide to stand up on our own two feet; and we hate the idea of being placed within a situation where struggle will become your middle name.

I hate to say that the only way we can take back our health and quality of life is to work at it. A struggle.

The purpose of this site is to get you to think about that struggle. Think of it as being the orange crate used for an end table in your parent’s living room during your earliest memories of growing up. That hand-me-down lamp that your friends made fun of because it was 3 decades out of style. You know that type of struggle that only lasts a few times then you get over it and move on in life. This is not a sentence; as you are in complete control of that behavior. Trust me.

Ok, on to something I’d like to post. A rant I had today. Maybe this may put some perspective if this is indeed a website you’d like to save for that lunchtime read. I’ll promise to keep writing, as long as you keep reading. Please feel free to make your comments. That what this site was for– to build a structure where people can learn about life through struggle.

Taken from a Facebook post of mine today:

I hate being so militant about stuff. I know, “soap-box Dan”; blah, blah, blah. Honestly, I write this shit for people to start asking questions to the little person inside their heads that is responsible for making the un healthy decisions in their lives. Do I care if my neighbor is 150lbs overweight and can’t “work” anymore– sure. I hate … See Moreseeing people who have fallen ill because they made bad choices. I was that person once and I would love nothing more for everyone here to live long and healthy. I have much love for people and I hate seeing bad decisions being made because of a bunch of lousy marketing just to make a buck.

It’s humbling to know that less than 75 years ago we were eating such healthy foods and for some reason Swanson ‘effed that up for all of us. Putting people in front of a stimulation device, especially today’s tv fodder, and making eating convenient. It’s sad, we’ve lost the family because of it and the end game is a nation of fat sick people. Think I am being extreme about it? I was 30 years old and prescribed high blood pressure meds. What was I doing? Watching TV, drinking beer, eating fast food. Now I am almost 40 and desperately trying to reverse this curse I plagued on myself. Blame? I blame myself for allowing this to happen to me. Do I blame “Promise Heart healthy Margerine?” No. It’s up to us to put the marketing where it’s mouth is and let nature tell us it’s a lie. Place that Country Crok in the garage for 1 month in May. Next to it place a sick of butter next to it. See what the rats and flies eat first.

Once again, thanks. See you tomorrow.

— Daniel Merk

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 05:47pm 19th-Jan, 2010