I wanted to share a little recent history with regards to my most fitness challenge. In May, I gave birth to our son. I had gained a whopping 55  pounds during pregnancy. I know what you may be thinking. This girl became pregnant and thought she could eat whatever she wanted….. nope! Maintaining healthy eating habits had been key for me since I had obtained the body I had always wanted right before getting pregnant. This was a direct result of 2 rounds of P90X that my husband talked me into. Thanks baby.

At 5′ 3″, this much weight is NOT unusual. Petite/fit women do tend to put on a good deal of weight, more than the 25 to 35 pounds that is suggested for a woman of my height. Since I would be breastfeeding our little one, I also knew that my diet was key to both of ours health. I did hybrid’s of Chalene Extreme and Tony Horton’s One on One workouts through my fifth month of pregnancy. Then I turned to yoga for pregnant moms. Walking is a great option but winters in Cleveland, OH are fierce and I was incredibly scared of falling on the ice, so I stayed in doors with my fitness.

So here I am, stuck at 14o pounds with a goal of hitting my pre-pregnancy weight of 123, let’s say 125 pounds. My goal is to hit this by Christmas. Breastfeeding requires that I consume an extra 5oo-700 calories a day, so as long as my tape measure shows a reduction in inches, I won’t get too bent about the weight.

I’ll be utilizing a program from Beachbody called Turbofire. Getting these workouts completed, at least 5 days of every week, will be my biggest challenge because of our baby. He doesn’t always get that mama has to take care of herself, so that I can take care of him:)

I invite you to share your  experiences with your own personal fitness challenges, especially the moms out there who have made it a priority to get back into shape and who aspire to be great role models for their children.

— Monique Merk

POSTED BY Monique Merk | 12:30am 26th-Oct, 2010