The last eight months have been a really tough time (financially) for us. Monique has been working at home caring for our son and I’ve been working from home as a full time designer for the company I work for. We had some money saved up that helped us through the first three months, but when she was not able to go back to her former career, we begin tightening up the belt a bit more. One of the last places we had to lean up was where we were buying food. I know this is probably not the place where a budget should come from, but after cutting out date nights out to dinner and dumping cable T.V., we had no other choice. This meant we had to go to the mega mart quite a bit and even places like Costco for bulk buying. Costco carries most organics yet at the expense of transportation from its growing region. At least it was grown properly so that gives us piece of mind at least.

One of the toughest decisions I had to make was having to buy more commercially raised meats. This is something I had a hard time with, but I made sure that I kept up on my Omega 3 protocol. We chose not to eat the fatty cuts and buying more leaner cuts, then adding your healthy fats in when cooking. Beef pairs well with grassfed cow’s butter or home made ghee. Chicken and fish work well with coconut oil. Go lean and add your fats in later.

Below is a list of meats you can buy that are quality cuts and leaner forms of protein.

Eye of Round Breast Tenderloin Canned Salmon
Top Round Breast Tenders Loin Herring
Tri-Tip   Loin Chops Canned Tuna
Flank Steaks      
Sirloin Roast/Steak      

We own a few freezers and are able to store meats for a long period and save on buying in bulk. Before we had our son, we were on a schedule of buying whole animals and storing for up to a year. It’s a great way to save on pastured food, but I can say that the start up costs are quite the investment. We were not able to save for a cow this year (2010) so we had to resort to the mega-mart meat. I can say that this month we’ve since put in an order for a 1/2 a cow and made this a priority to budget. I’ve posted a few new recipes for the new year so be sure to check those out.

— Daniel Merk

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 04:22pm 11th-Jan, 2011