Don’t let the picture gross you out. It’s all muscle tissue and if you are even a bit leery about it, remind yourself that this is still beef. Today at the market I scored some great local beef heart, ox tail and 2 hanger steaks. I spent about $36 and left with about 8lbs of muscle tissue to feed my family for a while. I immediately sliced the heart into 3 parts to vac-seal for later use– thinking about a nice roast heart in the slow cooker in November. The hanging tenders or “hanger steak” is a great beefy flavored cut that was once called the “butcher’s cut” because this cut is from the plate or belly of the animal. Most people would not want this cut so the butcher kept this delicacy for himself. It’s like a flank steak but with more marbling. I plan to make beef salad or soup with this, but a fajita is perfect for this cut. Marination is best here.

Lastly I have the ox tails. Cheap, full of beef flavor and perfect for a nice hot pot of chili. When in these tough times, remember there are plenty of cuts that are great on the wallet and full of flavor and protein. Need I say more?

— Daniel Merk

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 09:15pm 3rd-Sep, 2010