I mentioned that I developed this site as a journal to hold me accountable and keep me motivated to stay on top of hard work and my dedication to fitness and nutrition. Yet today has been a very humbling day for me. I am still obese.

Recently I started a really excessive HIIT program (Beach Body’s Insanity) and I seemed to be having problems with my blood pressure. I awoke a few times last week with a rapid heart rate and my pulse throughout the day was elevated. Usually my pulse is somewhere around 45-50bpm, but lately it’s been in the 70s. I spoke to a few people and I am learning that performing HIIT 6 days a week can actually elevate BP and RHR. The heart is a muscle and if you fall into the chronic cardio issue, you may find that the sorenes you usually get from a hard lifting day is similar to rapid heard rate or HBP from excessive cardio fitness. Especailly HIIT.

Today I made an appointment to see my cardiologist to see what is going on. I asked to see someone else in the practice since my current MD never really gave me the attention an MD probably should for a 30 something with elevated blood pressure. Today was my 10th anniversary of being sentenced to taking meds to correct my blood pressure.

The meeting was terrible. Not the situation I expected. I thought for sure that since the last time I was there I was tipping the scale at 247lbs and out of shape, that seeing me having lost about 40lbs and being able to hold a conversation about nutritive foods and movement he would be proud. Today I am able to run a 10K if I have to, I swing kettle bells, and I love doing sprints. I perform yoga at least twice a week. My diet has been very good for a while now even thought I gained some of my weight back since I kicked the low-fat-high-carb life back in April of last year.

He says “Daniel, you are still morbidly obese. You need to still lose 46 more lbs.”

WTF? Really? Today I weigh about 200 give or take 5lbs. I dropped almost 4 pants sizes in my waist. He wants me to lose 4lbs a month for the next several months in order to rule out that as a cause for my HPB. He also accused me of having sleep apnea and asked me to pursue testing. Those of you that have seen me on Facebook would agree that I am not at my ideal body weight, but 46more lbs? Wow. Have I just been a blob of crap all this time and assumed I was not overweight? I amaze myself that I can walk into any yoga studio and keep up with the pros; I lift heavy and I am really quick on the sprinting movements.

How is this possible? So today he asked me to take a lipid panel (here we go) and to check out my liver. Great, what will be next– statins?

We began to disagree about a few other topics at which he began to beat me up with medical jargon and tossed out a bunch of words to his assistant which I think was in the room to scare me a bit. Not being paranoid, but I once called the manager at that office about 6 months ago and and complained about a few things they did that I felt was in poor taste for a business. Not to mention the person in the room with him I complained about because she never made eye contact with me ever and asked me to remove my shirt a few times. She never addressed me by my name and asked me to pay my co-pay before I even saw anyone there. I am beginning to think this relationship needs to happen with an alternative physician.

Wish me luck.

— Daniel Merk

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 06:25pm 10th-Feb, 2010