I think there comes a time in a person’s life where they realize that the path they are leading is not productive or not conducive for personal growth. I’ve been there, you’ve been there. It’s part of our human existence. When life becomes the mundane or less challenging we go into a routine and completely forget about goals or perhaps where we’ve come from. It seems like every few weeks I seem to stumble in that direction.

I’m no elitist. I’m not perfect. I fall. We all do. For me, I’ve been really light on working out. Eating things that are not food. Getting inadequate sleep due to extreme television watching. It’s the part of my past I wish I could erase, but you can’t and you should not beat on yourself because of where you came from. Recognizing that I came from a past where food came from a box, and entertainment came from a television. It’s what made me today. My parents did the best they could and I would never blame them.

So what does this all have to do with fitness and nutrition? Well, this is the part where the two parts to a healthy life meet— the brain. Psychology.

I’ve been immersed in a positive fitness culture for over two years now along with 7 years or more with failing in a gym. I have experiences that have led me to discover some really great new direction in my life with all of this. Call it what you want, but “primal” or “paleo” seems to be a great moniker for all of this. It speaks to honing in on the essence of what we are as a species. We are still primates on this planet yet the problem is with most, we’ve not adapted to this era. Simple things like farming and transportation are two very important things we seem to keep making mistakes with; unfortunately at the expense of our quality of life.

The concept of farming is great; having food readily available during any given season in plenty for us to survive. Transportation is also incredible; being able to mouse click around the planet from our desktops to have new human experience in order to gain information to turn into knowledge at the expense of experience. We’ve replaced much of what we were designed to do with convenience. (Don’t worry, I am not going to make this another case to become a Luddite, I happen to love technology. Hell, you’re reading a blog I probably wrote using my smart-phone.)

For many of us, it takes trauma in order to get off-line for a moment and press that reset button. In my case it was learning that I became insulin resistant, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension at age 30. Today I am 38 years old and struggling with simple lifestyle decisions in order to correct this behavior. I have over 30 years of behavior modification to work through. It’s tough.

A very close friend of mine has been telling me that I should write a book because of my passion for all of this. Sure, the world needs another book about self-help or nutrition. Then it hit me— perhaps what I should focus this blog more on is helping people with the psychology of fitness and nutrition. I follow so many authors and bloggers who are very knowledgeable about fitness and health, but there is not much out there that speaks to the brain chemistry or even the human experience behind why we all know that eating a box of Cheese-its is bad for us, but we all seem to do it at one point. (I just had a visual of me once eating a whole bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos and then having blood red fingertips for two days.)

This up coming year 2011, I plan on focusing more on the why, and no so much the how, of nutrition and fitness. With hopes of being able to reach out to someone out there who is also struggling. I’ll keep on posting tips for working out, cooking recipes and videos; but I wanted to help more with the “I’m here for you” because we are at a point in our existence where help is much needed.

Our children are at stake; our security is at stake. Our evolution is at stake. Come with me.

(As I typed this blog post, I just received an email that a vendor just dropped off breakfast for the office– donuts and bagels. God help us all.)

— Daniel Merk

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 03:41pm 20th-Dec, 2010