TheĀ  Primal 30Day Challenge is on! Here is a fitness program I am adhering to for the month. Hope this inspires someone to do the same.

For each week one must complete the following movements each day in any order based upon my energy levels and availability of resources.

Day 01: Sprint Routine (intervals, running fast; any movement solid 10-25 minutes) 75% of max heart rate.

Day 02: Moving slower at a constant pace. This is play. 25-45 minutes and 50%max heart rate.

Day 03: Workout of the Week. This can be found on Mark’s Daily Apple. This week it is called “Sweat Stone” and it involves using a rock. OR Lift heavy. Involves about 20 minutes of work.

Day 04: Repeat Day 02

Day 05: Repeat Day 02

Day 06: Repeat Day 03

Day 07: REST Day

Since I wanted to get more skating in this month I plan to incorporate a few days a week of skateboard practice. Here is what my week is looking like:

Day 01: Tabata Sprinting= One Insanity Workout for the entire DVD.

Day 02: 1hour of skateboarding

Day 03: 20 minutes of burpees@10 reps and 20@ kettlebell swings for 20 minutes

Day 04: 1 hour of skateboarding.

Day 05: 1 hour hiking with dogs.

Day 06: WOD per marks daily apple

Day 07: REST

Let me know what you think.

— Daniel Merk

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 02:01am 10th-Sep, 2010