How to stretch your dollar at the table

The last eight months have been a really tough time (financially) for us. Monique has been working at home caring for our son and I’ve been working from home as a full time designer for the company I work for. We had some money saved up that helped us through the first three months, but…

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On the road, paleo style

Hey there! I travel a bit for my career to our main office and I wanted to show you that even business travel can be an opportunity to stay the course for your health. I shot a quick video to show you that by packing some foods you can still follow your path to health….

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Day 04

Dan’s Accountability Today was pretty textbook. I worked out and ate well, although, I skipped lunch. It was interesting to workout on in a fasted state. It wasn’t that bad. I followed it up with creatine 5g. Dan’s Nutrition B: 2 Eggs, 4 bacon (Monique was not hungry so I ate hers!), 1oz salmon, 2T…

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Losing the baby weight after pregnancy

I wanted to share a little recent history with regards to my most fitness challenge. In May, I gave birth to our son. I had gained a whopping 55  pounds during pregnancy. I know what you may be thinking. This girl became pregnant and thought she could eat whatever she wanted….. nope! Maintaining healthy eating…

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People listened.

I came across this gem from fellow primals and paleos. A great read. People listened, and here we are 30 years later fat as ever; and the fear of god in fatty foods. We had it the wrong way all along and for some reason we used false science to get us here when all…

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