Week 1 Sweat. From the heart.

This video speaks for itself. Today we decided to shoot a clip that is quick and speaks from our hearts. Hoping that one person out there gets inspired by these and makes a lifestyle change. It does not take much, but every little bit helps.

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Losing the baby weight after pregnancy

I wanted to share a little recent history with regards to my most fitness challenge. In May, I gave birth to our son. I had gained a whopping 55  pounds during pregnancy. I know what you may be thinking. This girl became pregnant and thought she could eat whatever she wanted….. nope! Maintaining healthy eating…

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Why Carbohydrates Can Be Bad

I try not to borrow information from the internet for this blog, but Mark Sisson nailed it on the head with this simple post. I’ve made proper citations below. What’s Wrong with Carbs Anyway? Carbohydrates aren’t bad in and of themselves, but they have the distinct, unique ability to really ravage a metabolically disturbed individual’s…

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Breakfast: NOW

There are actually people in this country missing out on the best meal of the day– breakfast! Here is how I’ve been doing it for quite some time. Yesterday I talked about using coconut milk and nuts with berries to enjoy a high fat, big calories and nutritive breakfast instead of eating a grain based…

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How to get off meds

With out sounding smug, I wanted to post a simple recipe that I developed for myself to get off 10 years of taking medication for high blood pressure. Let me also note that I was on a third medication because it caused me to have acid reflux of the esophagus. Happily to report, that today…

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