People listened.

I came across this gem from fellow primals and paleos. A great read. People listened, and here we are 30 years later fat as ever; and the fear of god in fatty foods. We had it the wrong way all along and for some reason we used false science to get us here when all…

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My Primal Fitness for September

TheĀ  Primal 30Day Challenge is on! Here is a fitness program I am adhering to for the month. Hope this inspires someone to do the same. For each week one must complete the following movements each day in any order based upon my energy levels and availability of resources. Day 01: Sprint Routine (intervals, running…

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How to get off meds

With out sounding smug, I wanted to post a simple recipe that I developed for myself to get off 10 years of taking medication for high blood pressure. Let me also note that I was on a third medication because it caused me to have acid reflux of the esophagus. Happily to report, that today…

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Just get it out of your head.

When I talk to people about their fitness, often the most used excuse is “I don’t have access to a gym.” We’ll folks, neither do I. Actually I lost over 45lbs and kept it of without the use of 1 piece of “gym” or membership. You see we all have access to an amazing fitness…

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Welcome, and thank you for reading.

Welcome. Seems appropriate I kick this website off with a bang. I’ve spent some time working on providing a website that offers some perspectives on motivation for a healthier human existance. The problem is here that there are dozens of lifestyle perspectives out there and we all travel to the poles to find the most…

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