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6-Week Challenge

The last two months have been a real whirlwind. The ever changing life of our son Emil; trying to get work done from home in a constructive regimen; and keeping on task with our fitness program. The name of this website is called Sweat and that is exactly what this is all about; HARD WORK. Nobody said staying true to your goals is a straight line. Sure, there is a beginning a middle and hopefully an end. Yet the end we’re talking about is a lifestyle where you don’t have to think about it so much. It becomes another set of goals and lifestyle modifications, but you’ve hopefully learned that there are going to be newer challenges and different approaches to success; success here we are talking about staying healthy.

The last few weeks have been just awful. I’ve been taking in foods of comfort from my youth. I’ve had some grain laden meals, some bouts with sugar in it’s highly refined form and even some sinful dairy I so painfully love. It’s time we set a new course for success. A challenge if you will. Inspired by Kit Perkins and his amazing transformation in just 6-Weeks.

So let’s get started.

Monique and I have decided to begin a new lifestyle modification with some new goals. We’ve each decided to log our journey here and hope that someone reads this and gets inspired to make a lifestyle change. We’re coming at this with full force and dedication towards our goals, however this time we are going to keep a journal and stay accountable. (fingers crossed)

Since I struggle with an evening sip of wine or beer; naturally this is what is holding me back from that six pack middle section. Shouldn’t be hard.

We pledge to do the following in the next 6-weeks

Dan’s Goals
- Limit my alcohol consumption to 1 glass of wine on Friday, Saturday, Sunday(dinner) each week.
- Eat Primally/Paleo (void of grains, legumes, dairy)
- Keep my carbs under 100g per day

Workout Program
I will perform 3 days on, 1 off of random movements which I will log here. I do seem to have more success with a program like P90X or Primal workouts, however I wanted to keep things more interesting. If I plan to do a BB workout as a movement, I’ll simply post it.

Monique’s Goals
- Follow a paleo diet
- Complete at least 5 days of TurboFire workout program weekly
- Be totally present during playtime with my son
- Enjoy a glass of wine only on the weekends
- Support my husband with his goals during this challenge

Workout Program
I will be doing ChaLEAN’s Turbo Fire (from BeachBody)

Keep checking back with us. We’ll update this site daily with nutrition, and fitness for that day.

— Daniel Merk

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 12:30am 25th-Oct, 2010