Diet and zen of fitness.

I was chatting with an old pal today on the interwebs and realized that over the last 2 years my quest for fitness wisdom finally sunk in. Here is what I explained to him. I just wanted to share with you. Diet is 75% of any health and fitness program. Surprisingly running 4 miles a…

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Why Carbohydrates Can Be Bad

I try not to borrow information from the internet for this blog, but Mark Sisson nailed it on the head with this simple post. I’ve made proper citations below. What’s Wrong with Carbs Anyway? Carbohydrates aren’t bad in and of themselves, but they have the distinct, unique ability to really ravage a metabolically disturbed individual’s…

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My Primal Fitness for September

The  Primal 30Day Challenge is on! Here is a fitness program I am adhering to for the month. Hope this inspires someone to do the same. For each week one must complete the following movements each day in any order based upon my energy levels and availability of resources. Day 01: Sprint Routine (intervals, running…

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Beef heart, tails and belly = dinner.

Don’t let the picture gross you out. It’s all muscle tissue and if you are even a bit leery about it, remind yourself that this is still beef. Today at the market I scored some great local beef heart, ox tail and 2 hanger steaks. I spent about $36 and left with about 8lbs of…

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Breakfast: NOW

There are actually people in this country missing out on the best meal of the day– breakfast! Here is how I’ve been doing it for quite some time. Yesterday I talked about using coconut milk and nuts with berries to enjoy a high fat, big calories and nutritive breakfast instead of eating a grain based…

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