I struggle.

That pretty much sums things up.

Ever since I became a father, life had dealt me a hand I have such a hard time dealing with. Crazy hours working, not having the time for myself and not being able to move more and eat less.

There has to be an out for all of this. I still gravitate towards a paleo lifestyle, but it’s become seemingly hard to get a proper diet on deck when you are working 12 hour days and taking care of a child who does not sleep. There has to be an out someday.

Meanwhile, I need some motivation from all of you. Send me messages. Email me. Help me stay on track of my vision of a healthy adult in a zoo-human world.

Godbless. I’ll try and keep this going. Hugs.

Dan + Monique

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 05:21am 3rd-Nov, 2011

A bit of a reset button.

It’s been quite some time since I “blogged” about what we’ve been up to and I think a reset button needs to be pushed. We attempted a 6-Week Challenge but that was the month where we realized our son had become really colicky and sleep was compromised. Excuses, sure. But the fact remains that lack of sleep can really effect carbohydrate needs and also really effect performance. Last week we both decided to reduce carbohydrate intake to get off the 6 month sugar high we were on. There we many days with neolithic meals and (for me) a bit of excess alcohol consumption.

We’re hoping that this fixes this issue.

Our plan is to get into mild or moderate ketosis; having less than 50g of grain/legume free carbs per day. We plan this for about 2-3 weeks depending on how well she goes for it. I personally have no problem doing it, but the evenings are hard for me because I seem to want to stay up later and do nothing but have a cocktail and ‘veg.’ I’m putting a stop to that.

What I plan to do is take in more fat, no alcohol, and get to bed earlier. This is interesting since my days may be longer and more productive in the morning.

Our workout plan is to be more random about it, but at least do something. I want to take our walks to the parks and our workouts to the back yard. Currently she is doing them in the basement and I am simply just “not doing them.” Sprinting, hiking, and weightlifting is on deck for this time but the duration is going to be much shorter and less of that 45min of a workout. I’d love to get our son involved which should be nice. We’ve come to the point where he is moving much more so we can chase him now. A great game to play for all of us. We also like that he climbs. If we just mimicked his playtime, I bet that would be an awesome workout.

I’ll try and keep you informed on this progress. As always, we post meals and workouts when we do them so keep checking back. Grok on!

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 02:31pm 31st-May, 2011

Go Meat!


Tonights meal: steak on the barbie! Sirloin and ribeye. Served with a compound butter and broccoli.

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 10:53pm 6th-May, 2011

Today’s Lunch


Today’s lunch is inspired by the panini. Since there is no bread on this plate, a great substitution is some Boston lettuce leaves. I enjoy the crispness of this lettuce and there is much less water than an iceberg variety.

1 tomato, 2 strips of bacon, olive oil mayo, 1 egg.


POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 04:21pm 6th-May, 2011



Today’s lunch is awesome! Grassfed beef burger with a huge salad. I snuck some cheese in there too; shh.

POSTED BY Daniel Merk | 04:09pm 5th-May, 2011


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